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We talk with all sorts of guests from all over the state!


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About Our Cultivation

At Tanana Herb Company we pride ourselves in having a clean, professional cultivation.  Our farmily of clever and knowledgeable growers tend to some of the best cannabis in the great state of Alaska.  We strive everyday to live our best life and to grow the healthiest cannabis possible through consistency, pride and dedication.

We started Tanana Herb Co. in late 2015 with the four original owners, Joe, Sam, Leslea and James.  Two families are now starting a bigger one together!  Our first cultivation license was received on the first day of August 2016.  We are so proud to be one of the first six licenses approved

that day!  Through hard work, sleepless nights and the love of cannabis we got our 1400 square foot grow off its feet.  Alaska has been very kind to us and we continue to be grateful towards the people who call it home.  In 2018 just like Alaska, we decided to go bigger!  Purchasing a 50,000 square foot facility in the heart of Fairbanks that will be the home of our Retail storefront, an expansive grow and a product manufacturing kitchen.  In addition our farmily has grown to almost 20 with no end in sight!

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